Mexico Ministry Project

Leader: C.J. Jackson

Mexico Mission Project

Santiago Naranjas, Oaxaca, Mexico

Hispanic MissionShepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church in Santa Ynez is partnering with Hispanic Mission Society to support at-risk children in Oaxaca, Mexico.

A local church is lending a helping hand to assist at-risk children, families and underserved elderly people living in Mexico. Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church in Santa Ynez is partnering with Hispanic Mission Society to support the initiative in Santiago Naranjas, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus' Harvest Work, It is with immense joy and anticipation of greater harvest work to come that I send you this message report from Mayela Alvarez, team member of the October Inauguration trip to Santiago Naranjas, Oaxaca, Mexico. You will be blessed, I am confident, by her very personal and powerful message!  Please know that you all individually, congregationally, and as the Pacific Southwest District--LCMS, are appreciated as partners in Jesus' Great Commission in Southern California and in Mexico. Together we search the plains, valleys, mountains, and anywhere the lost and needy of Jesus might be found!  Lives are being saved and transformed because Jesus' love is not limited by human borders.  We celebrate with the Santiago Naranjas Mission teams, past, current, and future. Together we support the creative and challenging work of Gospel proclamation, and ministering to the great social needs of the village and the surrounding communities.

We hold you in our prayers with gratitude,

Pastor Dennis Bradshaw, PSD Hispanic Missionary, emeritus, Hispanic Mission Society (Circuits One and Two, PSD-LCMS)



Worship Facility And Class Rooms Are Finally Built









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