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Join us for Drive-in Parking Lot Worship and/or Zoom Worship on Sunday mornings!
9:30 AM Pre-Worship Fellowship Time on ZOOM
10 AM Worship Service

- Pastor Jess 424-634-1232


1) How did you see God at work in your life this week?

2) What insights from God's Word have you been applying to your life this week?

3) What kind of conversations are you having with pre-Christians?

4) What good can we do as a church family at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran?

5) How can we help you with prayer?

Jesus was a Rabbi. He is in the teaching business and he loves to get us to work though questions in life, such as the above list.

What our Lord often does is to allow things to get messed up in our lives for a higher grace oriented purpose.

Our Lord is trying to get us to pay attention to certain truths.

Often the truth he wants to impress upon our hearts is that his work of grace within us, in terms of shaping our attitude to be a humble servant of the Lord, is more important than what is happening through us!

I encourage you to connect with us tomorrow for our worship service at or with Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran. My sermon title is, "Press on through to the Other Side." It's based upon the Gospel lesson for the day, Matthew 14:22-33.

Worship the Lord amidst the church family at Shepherd of the Valley and get a fresh experience of God's cleansing grace, along with getting new insights on what he is inviting you to believe! - Pastor Jess


Parking Lot Worship

1. If you are at special risk for COVID-19, please feel free to stay in your car and tune into 98.5 FM.
2. Consider supplementing your experience by bringing your smartphone and participating in our Zoom fellowship group!
3. Feel free to bring lawn chairs, maybe even an umbrella, picnic blanket, etc., and sit outside in the parking lot or the grassy areas.
Consider bringing a boom box to hear the service. Let's have some fun, while we worship!
You may wish to bring a sunshade or towel to block the sun, if you are staying in your car.

4) Keep in mind the health protocol is to keep a physical distance of 6 ft from others who are not in your household. Although, the health department has not required the wearing of a mask outside, it's a good idea - especially if you are close to others.
5) If you remain in your car for the worship service. You can have your windows/doors open. If you talk to someone who is in a car please wear your mask. If someone talks to you while you are in your car, please wear your mask.
6) Consider thinking about who you can invite to church. If your friends have a sacramental church background - i.e. lapsed Catholic, etc., invite them to receive the blessed, consecrated Communion elements in the Drive-in church service next week!



  October 2020  
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